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 Anxiety | Chronic Pain | Chronic Stress Depression 


Michael R. Weir 

I specialize in helping clients to be free of Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Chronic Stress, and Depression. 

I am what is now known as a Biohacker.   I use state of the art machines that help people to be free of these issues with zero side effects. 

I am also a Life, Relationship, Business Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher.

For 36 years I have helped many clients though Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, Frequency,  PEMF, Human Sound  machines, and ZYTO EVOX.  I work with many Movie and TV Stars, Directors, DP's, Screen Writers, Professional Musicians, Physicians, Nurses, Surgeons, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors and their Families. 


ZYTO EVOX is a FDA approved state of the art perception reframing system that has helped many of my clients, & myself to be free of Anxiety and Depression!  

If you where referred to me on a medical referral for another issue besides the ones listed in the title from the Winer Wellness Center,

Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Anna Welty, Dr. Conan Shaw, Dr. Miroya Monsour, Dr. Gideon Orbach,  Jeff Niznik, Dr. Alison Bud, Dr. Jerry Myres, Dr. Todd Kotyk, Blue Cross and Blue Shield for anxiety, or other professional please click the "Contact Me" button tell me all about the issue you wish to work on and  to learn if I can help you!

                      Please note:  I do not accept any health insurance.  


However, most HSA card do work here.  You can find out when you go to book your appointment.  There is a $60 fee to book a session.  



Bemer - FDA Approved PEMF sessions


Watch these three videos to learn all about this!  


If you wish to purchase a Bemer for your whole families health, you can order them though me!  I can also order these for horses!

8 to 15 minute Bemer sessions - $30.00

The first one is very short and you will see in the video the Before, During and After doing a session!  It's amazing how much better I feel after doing it myself.  "I'm 55 years old and I used to take two naps a day. Now I never need to nap and have tons of energy all day long! I so love this machine as it's giving me my youth back!" - Michael R. Weir

IMG_2796 4.JPG

HUSO is a remarkable holistic sound therapy system.  Drawing from years of sound therapy research the real-world experience in clinics and healing centers around the world, this revolutionary system used patented, human-generated tones arranged in a specific programs designed to deliver better rest, less stress, and improved performance. 

The tones are transmitted throughout the entire body using a combination of high-fidelity audio components and proprietary pads placed on acupuncture meridians providing a unique whole-body experience.  

HUSO sessions are around 30 minutes long - $40 per session

Life, Relationship, Business Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

I'm happy to help you to truly raise your self esteem to a level that you are able to not only reach your goals, but also find a balance that allows you to have a truly happy life!  


Book NOW!  You truly do deserve to be happy!

$300 - 1 hour session

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