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Michael R. Weir, CH.t.


In his 36 years of Faith Based Healing, Intuitive Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Business Coaching Michael has risen to the top as one of best in the world. 


His work with clients includes Channeling of Divine Information for success in Self-Esteem, Relationships, Business and Spiritual life. Knowledge is power! 


His work allows balance through deeply learning how

to be true to yourself, while honoring others...


Michael's a BioHacker (Using the top Machines for balanced health or research) Master Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master, Master at Past Life Regression Therapy and research, Advanced Faith based Energy Healer!


Michael will help you to learn your Souls Purpose in this lifetime and help you work though any emotional blocks to achieving that goal! 


Michael is the main Intuitive Life, Relationship and Business Coach, and Healer for many Movie and TV stars, Directors, DP's, Screen Writers, Professional Musicians, Physicians, Nurses, Surgeons, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, and Naturopathic Doctors and their families. 


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Sessions must be paid in full at the time of booking a session. 


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ZYTO's EVOX is a system where I work with individuals on a wide range of areas that effect a persons everyday life. The EVOX can  easily shift the way we see things in life to allow us to achieve our goals! 

Intuitive Life, Relationship and Business Coaching

Michael channels the information you need to work though your issues, fears of failure, teaches you the tools you need to manifest anything you wish in your life! 

$2000 - 1 hour session

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