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About Michael R. Weir

A little about me.


It is my passion to guide clients on a journey to discover who they truly are. As I witness them take this journey to true inner peace and balance, I can't help it but smile.   


My clients are much happier as they achieve a state of balanced health!  

If you are tired of living your life having not having achieved this level of wellness yet - then feel free to call now and start your journey of balanced health with me! 


Are you ready to feel good? Let's do this!



  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Member of the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy

  • Member and Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists

  • Member and lecturer for the Hypnotism Society of Pennsylvania 

  • Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

Personal Hobbies


I'm a Biker who loves to shoot guns and archery, love to dance, swim, cook, play guitar, exercise, Martial arts , drink wine and watching and making movies.  

Have Questions?


I'm happy to answer any questions you have regarding my services. 

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