Services and Pricing

Balanced health though faith and Science...

FREE ZYTO Bio-Scans for the full lines of supplement lines Nutritional Frontiers, Douglas Labs scans (Plus a nice discount off of purchase of these supplements here), doTerra Essential oils scans, and Rocks and Gems scans. 

The bioscan will tell you exactly what your mind and body needs NOW! 

doTerra Bio-Communication Scan
We have learned over the years that Essential Oils have vibrations in the millions!  No wonder they have such a profound positive effect on our physical and emotional health!

Come scan to allow your body to tell you all the Do Terra Essential Oils that it needs right now!  

Scans are normally $20.00 each. Free for the month of May!

Gift Certificates for Scans, Scanning packages, and all other services can be purchased today! 
Self Esteem and Empowerment


This program is a combination of regression hypnotherapy and EVOX sessions.  In these, we work though everything that has kept you from feeling happy, whole, complete and empowered.   

$2000 - 1 hour session

Intuitive Life Coaching


Michael can tune into anyone you know to help you to better understand them, and build stronger relationships!

Or empower you to think for yourself and have a brand new love for who you truly are! 


Trying to get "The One" to come into your life? 


Michael can help you with manifesting the partner of your dreams!  


$2000 - 1 hour session

Intuitive Past Life Regression Therapy


Getting to all the roots of your issue, working though trauma, soul retrieval, removal of any DEF's, Implants, communication with guides.  Removal of trauma from cells of the body, all parts of the mind.  Removal of trapped emotion from others, and self.  Intuitive counseling.  Sessions include Advanced Energy Work.


$2000 - 1 hour session

$4000 - 2 hour session

Intuitive Regression Hypnotherapy


Regression Hypnotherapy is used to work on issues such as Anxiety,  Depression, and others, at the root cause. Whether that be from this lifetime or other lifetimes.


$2000 - 1 hour session

$3500 - 1.5 hour session

$4000 - 2 hour session

Corporate Stress Management Workshop


Michael will do a stress manage workshop at your conference, convention room, or auditorium that is guaranteed to reduce your employees stress level thus increasing productivity!


          $8,000 - 2 hour Stress Management Workshop


Michael will teach them the tools your employees need to profoundly lower their stress level at work, home and socially the very day of the workshop!  

This is one business write off that your company can't afford to miss! 


                The time to make you more money is NOW! 

Hypnotherapy Allergy Release


With an Intuitive Hypnotherapy session, you can find out what was causing your allergy in the first place, and release your body's negative conditioned response. 


Michael has even helped a number of clients on disability for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Allergies to be free of the allergies, and get back to working and enjoying life again! 

Michael has helped hundreds of clients over the years to be free of the negative conditioned response known as allergies.  100% success rate over 35 years!    


$2000 - 1 hour session

Removal of Spirit Attachments, DFE's, De-Possions, Curses, Etheric Implants, Other types Implants 


Often these can be the cause of severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression. Clients often feel totally different after - in the best way! Light, happy, calm and peaceful! 


$2000 - 1 hour session

True Rife F-117 research


This is not FDA approved.  No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  You are welcome to rent my office per half hour, and me as your research assistant.  You can do a google or Youtube search for "True Rife" to learn more.  


Office and assistant rental of True Rife Unit at my office $80 per half hour.

In Office Perception Reframing ZYTO EVOX Sessions


These sessions do not involve hypnosis, but work through issues using a ZYTO EVOX system.  Sessions are 1 hour long and and are a flat rate of $160 per session. 


$160 - 1 hour session

ZYTO EVOX Generational Sessions


Works on releasing emotional energy, blocks, limiting beliefs and old patterns that were held in generations of your family though 8 sessions and is $1100.


$1100 for 8 generational sessions

How do I go about asking questions, or booking?  What if I'm not local?

Text me at 412-716-8894 to see when or if I am available to talk that day.  The fastest way is to just actually book your appointment though texting.  1/2 down is required to secure your appointment.  This can be made through PayPal at  Pease cut and past as more than once the "r" between Michael and Weir gets left out and goes to someone else.  Or if you prefer using Venmo it's @Michael-Weir-15 


Yes, I understand most of my clients are very busy professionals with little time to schedule appointments.  I can come to your home for Life, Relationship or Business Coaching.  No charge for travel if your home is within 100 miles of  Washington, PA.  


When I'm awake I'm either in back to back sessions, driving, or flying to my next session, doing humanitarian work or sharing time with family. 


If you're not someone who texts then click the Contact button below to email me a detailed description of what you wish to work on, as well as any questions you may have.  I look forward to meeting and helping you!


I work with clients all over the world.  I have done a huge amount of remote sessions during the COVID pandemic.  They work great!  

                 Throw back Thursdays


 All $2000 One hour Life, Relationship or Business Coaching, All Past life Regression Therapy Sessions are only $300 on Thursdays only! 

No, other discounts or offers can be used on Thursdays.  No travel is included in Thursdays sessions.  All  Thursday appointments are held in my office, or through Business ZOOM session only.  Appointments on Thursday's are limited to one hour only.  

Ready To Get Started?

To get started either text me at 412-716-8894 or fill out our contact form and I'll be happy to answer questions you may have, and get you an appointment that easily fits into your schedule!