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Services and Pricing

Balanced health and happiness though knowledge and science...

FREE ZYTO Biofeedback Scans for the full lines of supplement lines Nutritional Frontiers, Douglas Labs scans (Plus a nice discount off of purchase of these supplements here), doTerra Essential oils scans, and Rocks and Gems scans. 

The ZYTO biofeedback scans will tell you exactly what your mind and body needs and wants NOW! 

doTerra Bio-Communication Scan
We have learned over the years that Essential Oils have vibrations in the millions!  No wonder they have such a profound positive effect on our physical and emotional health!

Come scan to allow your body to tell you all the Do Terra Essential Oils that it needs right now!  

Scans are $20.00 each. 

Gift Certificates for Scans, Scanning packages, and all other services can be purchased today! 
Self Esteem and Empowerment


With ZYTO EVOX sessions!  In these one hour sessions we work though everything holding you back from feeling 100% confidence, happy and whole/complete and empowered in everything you do! 

$160 - 1 hour session See coupon page for specials

Life, Relationship, Business Coaching


I'm happy to help you to truly raise your self esteem to a level that you are able to not only reach your goals, but also find a balance that allows you to have a truly happy life.   Book NOW!  You truly do deserve to be happy!

$300 - 1 hour session See coupon page for specials

Corporate Stress Management Workshop


Michael will do a stress manage workshop at your conference, convention room, or auditorium that is guaranteed to reduce your employees stress level thus increasing productivity!


        $5000 plus travel expenses - 1 hour Stress Management Workshop 


Michael will teach them the tools your employees need to profoundly lower their stress level at work, home and socially the very day of the workshop!  

This is one business write off that your company can't afford to miss! 


                The time to make you more money is NOW! 

Regression Hypnotherapy


Taking you on a journey to the roots of your issues and Working you though the root issue (ISE= Initial Sensitizing Event) and working you though all the compounding issues causing your health issue (SSE's= Subsequent Sensitizing Events) releasing what we need to in order to help you to permanently heal!

$300- One hour session.  See coupon page for specials

    True Rife Health Research

Come rent a Mac computer controlled Rife Machine and me as your research assistant.   Programs to do your own Research on over 2500 health issues!  

$80.00 per half hour - See coupon page for specials. 

Please Note:


This is not FDA approved.  No medical claims are made or implied for TrueRife devices or frequency sets!  They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  You are welcome to rent my office per half hour, and me as your research assistant.  You can do a google or Youtube search for "True Rife" to learn more.  

In Office Perception Reframing ZYTO EVOX Sessions


These sessions do not involve hypnosis, but work through issues using a ZYTO EVOX system.  Sessions are 1 hour long and and are a flat rate of $160 per session. 


$160 - 1 hour session see coupon page for specials!

ZYTO EVOX Generational Sessions


Works on releasing emotional energy, blocks, limiting beliefs and old patterns that were held in generations of your family though 8 sessions and is $1100.


$1100 for 8 generational sessions

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